N-dimensional, homogeneous arrays

By using a simple convention to describe metadata about the array axes, basic information is available to make sensible interpretation of the array’s content.

Useful for neuroscience data types

  • Electron microscopy: 3D array, 3 spatial dimension after alignment
  • Optical microscopy: 4D array, 3 spatial dimension and 1 channel dimension
  • Labeling
  • Functional MRI/PET: 4D array, with 3 spatial and 1 temporal dimension
  • Structural MRI: 3D array, with 3 spatial dimensions
  • Diffusion MRI: 4D array, with 3 spatial dimension and 1 dimension for gradient directions Contain metadata tables for b-values and b-vectors

Tool supporting this specification

None so far. A zebra fish dataset available as HDF5 files uses a similar specification for axes units.

Example generation